Unit Plan

Naval Warfare in the American Revolution


TOPIC: The nature of the British Empire, Naval Warfare, and Shipboard Life During the late-Eighteenth Century.

GOALS: The student will be able to:

                        1. Locate on a map colonies belonging to the British Empire in 1775.

                        2. Explain the value of colonies to the British Empire.

                        3. Describe a period ship by its identifying characteristics.

                        4. Identify factors influencing naval warfare during the 18th Century.

                        5. Discuss a sailorís life on a wooden-hulled sailing vessel.

                        6. Define terms pertinent to the understanding of the topic and period

    (recommended terms will be underlined throughout the lesson plans)


            Instruction will take place in the following manner: Students will generally be given pre-assignments will which provide a vehicle for dialog and discussion in class.  Leading questions should be used to elicit appropriate responses from students, followed by brief explanations of why that answer is correct (a modified Socratic Method).  Information will be presented to the instructor in the form of descriptions and explanations, accompanied by some of the data that can be presented to students.  Also, important questions to ask will be included along with the proper response(s) and an explanation, where necessary.  Some lesson plans may take more than one class period to present so plan accordingly.  Lesson Plans 1 through 6 are intended for U.S. or World History courses.  Those numbered greater than 6 can be used as stand-alone lessons in their intended courses or in an interdisciplinary/team teaching environment.  Teachers are encouraged to adapt these lesson plans to their specific needs in class.


            Lesson Plan #1: The British Empire and the Royal Navy

            Lesson Plan #2: The Ship: Design and Construction

            Lesson Plan #3: The Ship: A Miniature City

            Lesson Plan #4: The Ship: Life at Sea

            Lesson Plan #5: Naval Battles in the Age of Sail

            Lesson Plan #6: A Look at the Past: The Revolution and Marine Archaeology        

            Lesson Plan #7: Dead Reckoning and Celestial Navigation (Math)

            Lesson Plan #8: Popular Literature and Poetry (English)

            Lesson Plan #9: Period Food (Home Economics)

            Lesson Plan #10: Period Music (Music)

            Recommended Projects to go with the Lesson Plans


            Evaluation will take place by daily interaction with students, quality of assigned homework and deskwork, and by a unit test administered at the appropriate time. 


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