God save our gracious King,

Long live our noble King,

God save the King!

Send him victorious,

Happy and Glorious,

Long to reign over us,

God save the King!

O Lord and God arise,

Scatter his enemies,

And make them fall.

Confound their politics,

Frustrate their knavish tricks,

On Thee our hopes we fix,

God save the King!

They choicest gifts in store

On him be pleased to pour,

Long may he reign!

May he defend our laws

And ever give us cause

To sing with heart and voice,

God save the King!


In the new version, the second stanza was discarded, the third became the second, and a new third (below) was added:

Nor on this land alone,

But be Gods mercies known

From shore to shore.

Lord, make the nation see

That men should brothers be,

And form one family

The wide world oer.

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