AAR For “Carleton's Raid ”2003

Signal following............

Dispatch from 1st Lieutenant Bruce Kominz to Captain Fisher, Commanding, Frigate Richmond

Crew detachment successfully participates in
225th Anniversary of Carleton's Raid (aka Rabble in Arms)

Sir, It is with pride and satisfaction that I wish to report on the action taken on the weekend of August 22-24, 2003.

Our advance party, consisting of Francis Ross & Jonathan Clarke, who having arrived the day before, helped row the Gunboat (replica) Philadelphia II from it's homeport at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum (LCMM), approx. 7 miles up Otter Creek to the base of the falls at Vergennes, VT. Joining them at the base camp at LCMM were: Dave Valentine & Jeremy Goodwin and myself (from the HMS Frigate Richmond) and Don Dill and his daughter Rachael, and Al Hodson, of the Vessel Speedwell. This proved to be a hearty and spirited crew.

The weather broke overnight bringing cooler, crisp winds - just right for pursuing rebels! On Saturday morning, our crew joined in that of the Jersey (a captured American gunboat) on board the Philadelphia II, to recreate the raid on the Township of Monctown (now Vergennes) of November 8, 1778.

(Images courtesy of the Lt. Kominz, Frigate Richmond)

We supported raiding parties consisting of 2 bateaux and 4 or 5 smaller craft that landed British/ loyalist troops that sacked the town and took prisoners. The men valiantly manned several swivel guns providing protective cover for the raiding parties. It should be noted that this was the first time in many years that the Philadelphia II had left her port. There were 38 souls onboard (all properly dressed in 18th Century) (max. capacity 44). After the battle, with winds picking up, we were given a 21st century tow up the creek to Tom's Marine (about 1/2 way) with one leaking bateau also in tow, but before arrival we were ambushed/fired upon by rebels w/ artillery and we returned fire (including a detachment of 20th of foot serving as marines onboard). The Philadelphia II would remain stranded at Tom's Marine and was out of action for the rest of the evolution. Thus ended the action of the day.

Our crew (less Don Dill and his daughter Rachael) forayed into town for supper, victualing at the Hungry Bear tavern, returning to camp for the evening. The night was cooler and Sunday started slowly. The days main activity was to be a raid at the museum grounds. Seamen Jeremy Goodwin, Al Hodson, Don Dill and Lieutenant Kominz joined with the landing party of the HMS Somerset, (LT. Condrick, Commanding). Simulating coming up from boats on the river (they were all out-of-commission), we joined the British forces in first setting fire to the settlement (in our case 2 wooden shacks) and then pursuing rebels into the fields, engaging, and eventually retreating in force back to the settlement area.


Our crew was well gunned (Jeremy Goodwin & Don Dill with muskets, and Al Hodson with a mortared musket??)(and me with a sword and a well hidden cannon-camera), with the men of the Somerset performed bravely.

It was a very good evolution - the camping was on good ground (next to a beautiful willow tree), at the LCMM (with flush toilets, a shower, water, etc.), good public turnout, and best of all, a good, safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere!
I would strongly recommend returning to this event in the future.

Respectfully Yours,

Bruce Kominz, 1st. Lieutenant, His Majesty's Frigate Richmond

Bruce Kominz

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